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I'm Livio,  I' m a Personal Branding, Portrait & Lifestyle photographer based in London. 

I love to empower People through Portraits:

whether outdoors or in a studio, I am here to create beautiful and unique images that can help you showcase your Products, Services and your Personality . Whether you need Personal Branding, Fashion, Lifestyle or Creative Portraits, I can help you take  your business to the next level and bring your vision to life.


I started taking pictures as a hobby when I was a teenager, whenever I could borrow my father's film camera- pre digital era!I have always been fascinated by images: the stories they tell, the atmosphere they evoke and the emotions they are able to hold.

I am constantly inspired by the arts, by the multiple faces and colours of nature, by light, by theatre, music and ultimately I am fascinated by people, their dreams, and their stories they here to tell.

Having worked in the show business as a performer and choreographer/artistic director  I have developed an attentive eye for Composition, Beauty and Harmony, all traits that can be found in my pictures.
One of my priorities is to make my clients feel relaxed in front of the camera, yet maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere, which is fundamental to best assist them in bringing their vision to life.
Just flick through the galleries ( take a look at my work)  and if you think I am the right photographer for your needs, or you wish to collaborate on a project, or simply wish to make an enquiry , drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.