About me 

Time to introduce myself! My name's Livio, originally from Bergamo, northern Italy, and now living in London.

I started taking pictures when I was a teenager, whenever I could borrow my father's Yashica film camera- pre digital era! 


I have always been fascinated by photos: the stories they tell, the mysteries they might conceal, the atmosphere they evoke and the emotions they are able to hold.

As a photographer I love the opportunity to frame an instant with a click and steal it, even if only illusionary, from the quick passing of time and to let it live, over and over again, each time someone lays their eyes on it.

I love all styles of photography: street, lifestyle, landscape, conceptual, you name it, but I am particularly passionate about portrait photography whether it's a headshot, a lifestyle or beauty portfolio  or a dance, fitness shoot, lifestyle, travel and and interiors photography.

Just flick through the galleries and if you think I am the right photographer for your needs, or you wish to collaborate on a project, or simply wish to make an enquiry about me and my work, drop me a line on Contact or click Book Online.

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