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My name is Livio. I'm a freelance photographer based in London. I'm also an actor, an accomplished dancer, a choreographer, a once-upon-a-time pop star, a creative cook, but above all, I'm curious and passionate.


I've been described as a multi-hyphenate person (mʌl.tiˈhaɪ.fə.nət/: a person with several professions or skills)

But really it just means I have various creative outlets that I like to pursue to the best of my abilities. 

Photography is one of my greatest passions because it allows me to connect with people and to create at the same time.

I love empowering people through portraits: whether in the studio or outdoors, And I thrive on creating stunning images that help bring others’ visions to life, showcasing their remarkable personality, their products or services, or that help take their business to the next level.


italian actor headshot, smiling italian man

Find out more about my Personal Branding and about my Headshots. 



I started taking pictures as a hobby when I was a teenager, whenever I could borrow my father's old film camera - pre digital era! I have always been fascinated by images: the stories they tell, the atmosphere they evoke and the emotions they are able to hold.

My background, however, is in the performing arts. I've spent most of my life singing, dancing, choreographing or acting, in front of thousands of people, on multiple stages & sets all over the world. It's been a crazy and exciting journey, and I feel extremely lucky to have lived the life of my dreams - I've had a blast!

For some years now, I've enjoyed exploring my creativity in different ways and following alternative paths, which led me to work more and more behind the camera, as a photographer, interior stylist and creative director. Helping people feel confident and shine in front of the camera fills me with incredible joy.

This new creative journey is giving me the opportunity of experiencing things from another perspective, allowing me to make beautiful imagery not only for my personal self expression but also for the enjoyment of other people as well. I am constantly moved by the arts, by the multiple facets and colours of nature, by light and shadow, by theatre, dance and music - I can't imagine a world without these things. Ultimately though, I love connecting with people. I am fascinated by their dreams, their journeys and the stories they want to tell. If I can be a part of that then I couldn’t be happier.


Having worked in the entertainment industry in theatre, tv, and cinema has helped me develop an attentive eye for composition, story telling, beauty, lighting and the use of space, which I now utilise each time I take pictures, whether in a studio or on location. The natural progression from these aspects of reality was the discovery of the art of post-production and image editing.


For me, making my clients feel relaxed in front of the camera, whilst maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere, is fundamental to bringing their vision to life.

If you are considering booking a photoshoot, I'd suggest to take a look at my Portfolio page and if you think I am the right photographer for your needs, you wish to collaborate on a project, or simply want to make an enquiry, drop me a line.

 I'd love to hear from you.


man and woman embrace, lovers embrace, art photography print

Having worked as a movement director and choreographer, 

I am influenced by dance, theatre and cinematography. 

Using elements found in nature, hand crafted props, mood lighting, and with post-shoot editing techniques, I enjoy creating parallel dimensions and characters suspended between reality and an imaginary world. Beauty, the invisible, the underling conflicts, the untold emotions and the unspoken words are recurrent themes in my photography. The way we interact with the world around us and the reality we are able to create, always leads me to explore the multiple facets of human expression, and the influence we have on each other and our surroundings on a physical, emotional & spiritual level. 

Check out my art photography here

Art Photography
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